AKKS Bergen courses- In english


Want to learn how to play an instrument or meet other people interested in music?

AKKS offers instrument courses  within guitar, drums, bass, DJ, vocal, piano and band. Both basic and advanced level.  Our courses are normally  in Norwegian, but can be accommodated for English-speakingers. Scroll this page to learn about our different courses and the terms for signing up.

To sign up for a course, use the forms on the main page for each course. There you wil find updated prices and information about who is teaching the course.

About AKKS Bergen courses

What level to sign up for?
Level 1 // beginners  = I have not played before, or played very little
Level 2 // advanced  = I’ve gone on two beginner courses and / or know the basics.
The instructor adapts the courses after the level of the group.

Total Course time
The course runs over 5 weeks with a total of 10 hours.
Courses are held in groups of three to five participants. Piano and drum courses are only 3 participants.
About the course becomes full, you can ask to be on the waiting list.

Rent an instrument?
We have acoustic guitars,  electric guitars and bass guitar for rent. The fee is 200 NOK for the whole course.
Note If you borrow the guitar or bass, you bring the instrument home during their training period.
For the drum and piano courses we have drum kit and piano at the course location.

Do you have any questions please send us an email or give us a call at +4755557555.

Vocal Classes 1 & 2

Beginner level from 17:00-19:00 
Advanced level from 19:00-21:00

In our vocal course you will practice vocal confidence, both by singing alone and with others, and adding background vocals on others solo.

We`ll start with basic warm-up and breathing exercises. Participants receive an introduction to audio and microphone technique, and the use of PA system. The beginners course provides an introduction to basic singing technique.

On the advanced course we`ll focus more on phrasing techniques, improvisation accompaniment, and will seek to cultivate personal voice and promote personal expression.

Bass 1 & 2

Beginner level from  17:oo-19:oo
Advanced level from 19:00-21:00


In the bass course you go through different styles and techniques. You will become familiar with the instrument, its structure and basic amp use. ABeginners will get an introduction in the basics; practicing different scales, playing with metronome and simple backintracks. There are no prerequisites.

At the advanced course you will work with more advanced techniques and styles, improvisation and play the more challenging tracks.

Don’t have an instrument? It’s possible to rent a bass!

Electric guitar 1 & 2

Beginner level from 17:00-19:00
Advanced level from 19:00-21:00


On the course for beginners you`ll learn how to maintaining the guitar as well as an introduction to the guitaramp. You get familiar with the most basic chords, simple riffs and learn to play songs with few chords.

On our advanced course  you will get a bigger song- and chord repertoire, gain insight into different scales and improvisation.

Don’t have an instrument? It’s possible to rent guitar!

Drum Courses 1 & 2

Beginner level  from 17:00-19:00
Advanced level from 19:00-21:00


In our drum classes you will get a basic introduction to percussion; assembly, rigging, dismantling, and tuning of the drums.

At the beginner class the focus is on keeping a steady pace to simple rhythmic figures. You will take a look at the swirling, fills and transitions that spice up the drum game. There are no prerequisites.

At the advanced course it becomes more challenging technically and musically. We practice techniques such as paradidler and double blow.

Acoustic guitar 1 & 2

Beginner level from 17:00-19:00
Advanced level from

Want to become a singer-songwriter ?
Then this guitar course is perfect for you!

In our acoustic guitar courses you will get an introduction to the guitar and we go through various playing techniques. At the beginner class you will learn to tune the guitar, basic chords, basic dur- and minor chords and songs with few chords.
The advanced course is basically a continuation of the beginner class, where you will get extended song- and chord repertoire and gain insight into more advanced styles of play.


Beginner level  from 17:00-19:00
Advanced level from 19:00-21:00

Elpiano equally suitable for both heavy rock as pop, rock and house. The piano is an instrument alllsidig and perfectly to the production and songwriting. AKKS ‘piano courses dealing with various styles and techniques. We focus on a sense of empowerment and joy of playing.

The beginner class, we work with different major scale and chords to early start playing songs. Moreover, one goes in depth on playing techniques and the most common the cords.

The course for advanced builds on the beginner class and is for those who can it basic, but one becomes more technical. Here one works with more advanced techniques and styles, different scales and improvisation. We recommend two beginner courses before you sign up for this course. Large parts of the course will be set up according to the level of participants.

DJ courses
From 17:00-19:00 or
From 19:00-21:00

This course will provide an introduction to DJ equipment, how it connects and how it works. Participants gain insight into beatmatching, a DJ technique where a manually adjust the tempo of different songs and create transitions between songs using volumfadere and 3-band equalizers.

The course uses mainly cd players, and use music as rap, house, trance, techno and disco. The five-week DJ course ends up in a evening where participants get to show what they’ve learned and get people to dance!


The AKKS band courses are both social and educational. Many have started their music career performing at AKKS band courses. Whole band may also enroll.


On AKKS band course you and your band select two to three songs that you work with during the course. With you is a professional instructor with extensive experience as a coach, which guides and gives feedback. Band courses are highly social courses focusing on teamwork and enthusiasm. Here you will get lots of good musical training!
You can enroll as individual musician or a band. As far as we are trying to put together bands from age and genre preferences.
If you know someone you want to be in a band with you can let us know about it. 5 educational weeks of rehearsal and playing pleasure awaits you!

In addition to each day of the course will each band one free session of three hours of private practice in Bergen AKKS their rehearsal rooms at USF during the training period.
After five weeks ending the course with a concert at the legendary venue Garage, where you can invite friends and acquaintances to come and watch.

It does not get more musical educational than playing your first gig!